The Portuguese Association of Start-Ups cooperates on the European Project CiProVot, which will be developed in two years with partners from Italy, Greece, United Kingdom and Belgium.

The main purpose of the project is the development of training for volunteers in Civil Protection, endowing them with basic and transversal skills for nature preservation and community safety, when facing natural disasters.

The specific aims are: provide free access to and open educational resources in different languages to the civil protection volunteers; provide knowledge, skills and core competences for civil protection volunteers; and support integration services for informal civil protection volunteers with lower levels of qualifications.

The outcomes expected will be: good practices, mapping and conclusions, in relation to the current Civil Protection situation; training sessions dedicated to the specific teams of volunteers and professionals in the management of vulnerable categories of citizens; and the development and testing of innovative information and communication technologies tools for Civil Protection activities.

You can download the project brochure here.

See the project page here:

Acronym CiProVoT
Title Civil Protection Volunteers Training
Status Ongoing
Start date
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