APSU is partner of the RoboVET European Project in the 2018-2020 biennium and will have partners from Spain and Cyprus.
The final product will consist of the creation of the Professional Course of Robotics Technician and the definition of its professional profile.

The project has four main goals:
• increase the employability of young people by matching the market needs to the qualifications;
• develop a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce;
• support joint developments in VET in Europe and strengthen its quality, relevance and attractiveness by allowing the transferability and mutual recognition of qualifications, making it more appealing for the future workforce;
• promote the economic development, especially of the SME’s which traditionally have lower capacity to recruit skilled workers, by promoting VET offers in Robotics.

The final results will be:
• a needs assessment on Robotics training;
• a detailed qualification profile including the expected learning outcomes;
• the matching of skills’ needs to the market needs;
• a joint curriculum mutually recognized;
• new training units;
• sustainable cooperation structures to increase youth employment and VET attractiveness.

See the project page here: http://robovetproject.com  

E-newsletter January 2019 - download here.
Acronym RoboVET
Title Definition and Implementation of a VET Programme in Robotics Technician
Programme Erasmus+
Status Ongoing
Start date 01/10/2018
End date 30/09/2020
Partners https://robovetproject.com/partners
Website https://robovetproject.com/