APSU is partner of the FS2022 European Project in the 2019-2021 biennium and will have partners from United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Ireland and Latvia.

The final product will consist on the creation of materials (podcasts, videos and written publications) that will help the final users to start the process of reskilling and upskilling.

Project goals:

• Build a platform that can provide information on how the today workers can prepare
themselves for the working environment of tomorrow;
• Prepare materials that cover all the identified skills that will be useful in the labour market in the future. Those skills were identified by the World Economic Forum;

Final results:
• Creation of a podcast on professional upskilling based on expert knowledge;
• Creation of small videos on the best practice examples of the implementation of the
upskilling initiatives;
• Final publication.

Acronym FS2022 - KA202
Title Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Programme Erasmus+
Key Action Strategic Partnerships for vocational education
Reference 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061467
Status Closed
Start date 01/12/2019
End date 31/11/2021
Partners Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service Ltd. - Coordenador (United Kingdom)

APSU - Associação Portuguesa de Startups (Portugal)

I&F Education and Development Ltd. (Ireland)

Eiropas Radoso Iniciativu Apvieniba (Letónia)


Formación para El Desarrollo e Inserción, Sociedad Limitada (Espanha)

Stowarzy Szenie Arid (Polónia)

Website www.fs2022.eu