The “NESET- NEET’s Empowerment for Sustainable Employment in the Tourism Sector” Project, co-financed by the EEA and Norway Fund for Youth Employment, will be developed within three years with partners from Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Iceland.

The overall aim of the project is to support on a large scale transnational basis the sustainability of youth integration in the tourism labour market in the NESET beneficiary countries by creating conditions for NEET’s employment and entrepreneurship in various forms of tourism.

The final product will be to provide support to young people, encourage employment, promote entrepreneurship in the tourism sector and to enlarge the international cooperation between tourism companies.

The outcomes of the project are the lowering of youth unemployment and the strengthening of youth participation in the tourism sector through:

• Benchmarking and Analytical activities: a collection of specific baseline outcome indicators’ values in the NESET beneficiary countries; conduct an in-depth analysis on the publicly reported challenges, associated with skills and competencies shortages, faced by young people in the tourism industry in the beneficiary countries;
• Training Activities: deliver training workshops for validation of prior non- formal/informal learning for youth on the tourism sector; provide counselling services and create an e-Support platform;
• Mutual learning, exchange of good practices, cooperation: stimulate the NEETs entry and integration into the tourism labour market by providing them with critical skills and competencies, while also enhancing their social and entrepreneurial skills; encourage cooperation between tourism companies in the space outlined by the project, discussing and adopting policies that will increase the enrichment of the sector.

Acronym NESET
Title NESET – NEET’s Empowerment for Sustainable Employment in the Tourism Sector
Programme Norway Grants
Reference 2017-1-285
Status Closed
Start date 01-06-2018
End date 31-05-2021
Partners Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry(BULGARIA – COORDINATOR);

Cluster for IT Support to the Black Sea
Touristic Business (BULGARIA);

Tora Consult Ltd. (BULGARIA);


Local Development Agency of the city of
Velika Gorica – VE-GO-RA (CROATIA);

Enoros Consulting Ltd (CYPRUS);

SARONIS S.A. – Former Vocational
Training Center Attiki S.A. (GREECE);

TUCEP – Tiber Umbria Comett Education
Programme (ITALY);

Umbria Legislative Assembly (ITALY);

APSU – Portuguese Association of Start-ups (PORTUGAL);

Dialogue Diversity (PORTUGAL);

Geo Club Association (ROMANIA);

Einurd Ltd (ICELAND).