APSU the coordinator of the “WINBIZ—Women's Innovative Business Incubation Zone” project, which will take place between 2021 and 2024, involving partners from Portugal, Italy, Germany, North Macedonia, Greece and Romania.

The project’s main goal is the upskilling of adult women with a migrant or non-Western background through the realisation of a training and coaching course, focused on transversal and specific personal skills, with an emphasis on digital literacy. The development of these skills has the potential to promote the inclusion of migrant women in the European labour market, empowering them, in particular, to become self-entrepreneurs, thus promoting a sustainable, inclusive and innovative social economy model.

In this context, the project aims to achieve the following goals:

• The creation of a social research report concerning the training needs and the social, work, economic and cultural context of the target group;
• The development of a toolkit for trainers/tutors;
• The development of a 150 hour long blended training course, followed by a 100-hour-long project work, with the aim of training the target group and encouraging their socio-professional integration;
• The creation of a catalogue with 15 operational business plans, based on the business ideas generated by the target group during the training.

Acronym WINBIZ
Title WINBIZ—Women's Innovative Business Incubation Zone
Program Erasmus+
Key action KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in Adult education
Status Ongoing
Start date 01-11-2021
End date
Partners APSU - Associação
Portuguesa De Startups, Portugal

European Grants
International Academy Srl, Italy

Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft
Gemeinnutzige Gmbh, Germany

C.E.S. Academy, North Macedonia

Hellenic Open University, Greece

European Association for Social
Innovation, Romania

Website https://www.winbizproject.eu/